Day Out is starting a blog!

Day Out is starting a blog!
February 14, 2020 Jim
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Welcome to the Day Out blog!

We have such fun with guests on our tours, who thank us fora great day out when they leave us, that it seems a pity not to share why our guests from around the world enjoy touring with Day Out.

So we are starting this blog! Here we will share the experiences that laughter and memories are made of, tell readers what we do on our tours and where we go, how we as a business care deeply about our environment and what we do what we can to preserve its future, and why you should visit this amazing part of the world.

Day Out’s first season was the summer of 2019, when we spent time looking after guests, learning what excited them most in our region and how to better ensure the best possible experience for each and every guest that followed. Winter 2019 was spent setting up a fully automated booking system so that anyone, anywhere in the world, could immediately see what availability there was on any of our tours and book there and then, safely confirming their seat. We also looked closely at those tours and experiences that resonated most with our guests and designed new tours and experiences accordingly. And finally, we introduced Private Exclusive tours for those who wanted something a bit special using our BMW X5, giving access to places most tours do not go.

Over the weeks and months to come I will endeavour to keep this blog interesting, describing great days out with guests; our environmental policy and why WE think this is important; our different tours and why we have selected them; our vehicles and the drivers that will look after you; and how we want share the sun and the fun in this the sunniest city in New Zealand with you, however brief your stay.

But it won’t all be about Day Out. This blog will highlight places to visit and things to do here at the top of South Island, or Top O’ the South! We’ll tell you about the best places to visit, who offers memorable experiences and lots more about why you should spend time in the region, Nelson’s sunniest region.

I look forward to sharing all this with you and hope that you might share your thoughts with us and make your contributions. Our aim is to make Day Out the best tour company in New Zealand – that means hard work from us and feedback from you.

I am looking forward to the next blog already!

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